Being a company that is always at the forefront of engineering projects, developing projects with a high degree of difficulty, complex and creative, has been the mission of Enescil Project Engineering since 1970. With expertise of over 40 years and over 1,700 projects and maintaining the quality, durability, low cost and creativity.

With a team always up to date, consisting of highly qualified professionals in various area of knowledge engineering, the Enescil, nature has developed important national projects, among other works emphasizing the Octavio Dias Frias cable-stayed bridge, which became one of the most important and new postcards of the city of São Paulo, the bridge Isidoro França and cable-stayed bridge over the Rio Negro in Amazonas, all references in engineering projects due to its high degree of complexity.

Development of engineering studies and designs of bridges, viaducts, footbridges, tunnels, piers and ports; studies and projects for repair and widening of these structures.



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ponte estaiadaThe cable-stayed bridge Octavio Frias de Oliveira is a cable-stayed bridge in the city of São Paulo. The bridge, which is part of Royal Park Road Complex, consists of two-lane cable-stayed independent in curves 60 degrees to cross the river Pinheiros, the only cable-stayed bridge the world with two lanes in turn connected to the same pole. 

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ponte rnegroThe cable-stayed bridge over the Rio Negro is a project of the state government of Amazonas and will induce a series of interventions in the southern metropolitan region of Manaus. The bridge has a total length of 3,595 m, with 73 spans. For the construction we used 246 piles excavated, pre-cast beams 213 and 104 are. 

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